Animals that may be Salvaged

Only big game animals, upland game animals, upland game birds, furbearers, predatory, and unprotected wildlife may be salvaged. Protected nongame, threatened and endangered species, and migratory birds, including waterfowl, may not be possessed or salvaged.

Salvageable Species

* Several animals require mandatory checks.

Big Game

Upland Game Animals

Upland Game Birds

Furbearing Animals

Predatory Animals

Unprotected Animals

Unprotected animals are all remaining animals in Idaho that are not listed as protected, endangered, or threatened AND all animals listed in categories above without a season.

These protected animals are listed below.

Protected Species



Big Game Animals - NO ACTIVE SEASON

Upland Game Animals - NO ACTIVE SEASON

Upland Game Birds - NO ACTIVE SEASON


Protected Nongame