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Idaho Fish and Game

Two hunters pear through binoculars


Hunting in Idaho runs the spectrum from plentiful upland game to highly coveted big game species.

Seasons in Idaho are generally structured to provide a wide variety of hunting experiences with a strong emphasis on opportunity.

To hunt in Idaho you will need:

  • a hunting license
  • a tag for big game species and turkey
  • to take a hunter education class if born after January 1, 1975

If you’ve never purchased a hunting license in Idaho, or any other state, and you’re 8 years of age or older, you are eligible for our Hunting Passport program.


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Chronic Wasting Disease Information

Chronic wasting disease has been detected in Idaho. Find rules, sampling information and drop-off locations, and more.

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Idaho Trespass Law

Idaho's trespass law changes July 1, 2018

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Antler Gathering Closure

An antler gathering closure in the Upper Snake and Southeast regions runs January 1, 2024 through April 14, 2024.

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