Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey Seasons and Rules

Seasons and rules for hunting upland game, furbearers and turkey

2018-2019 Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey Seasons and Rules

Including: Rabbits, Hares, Red Squirrel, Furbearers, Predators, Unprotected Species and Falconry
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Notice: Fees and rules may change. It is your responsibility to be aware of changes since these seasons and rules were printed. Please see the fee schedules in the License, Tag and Permit Fees section for current prices.


Please see note below on Wildlife Management Area Hunting.

Other Rules Information

Wildlife Management Area Hunting Information

Note to Hunters on Wildlife Management Areas:
During the pheasant season, including the youth pheasant season, shooting hours for upland game birds are from 10 a.m. to one-half hour after sunset on the following WMAs where pheasants are stocked: C.J. Strike, Cartier Slough, Fort Boise, Market Lake, Montour, Mud Lake, Niagara Springs, Payette River and Sterling. Everywhere else in the state, shooting hours start one-half hour before sunrise.

  Note: Age change for WMA permit:
In July 1, 2016 the age requirement for a WMA pheasant permit changed to 18. Those under 18 can hunt pheasants on a Fish and Game WMA without a permit.


Seasons and rules booklet for upland game, furbearers and turkey
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