Learn to Fish

New to fishing?

Looking for an easy way to access fishing spots? Check the links below for information on what you need to get started and where to go fishing.


Idaho Fish and Game also holds several events that offer hands-on-help to get started fishing.

  • "Take Me Fishing" Trailers - During the summer months these portable trailers are set up at local ponds, stocked with equipment and staffed with knowledgeable people ready to help kids and parents start fishing.
  • Free Fishing Day - The one day of the year when you don't need a fishing license to go fishing. If you've never been fishing, Free Fishing Day is a great day to learn!

For schools looking to put on a fishing event, Idaho Fish and Game offers an Educational Fishing Permit form [PDF, 20 kb]. Complete the form and take it to your local Fish and Game office for approval. One current fishing license holder is required for the permit to be valid.

Licenses & Permits

If a child lives in Idaho and is under 14-years of age, they do not need a fishing license.

If you are visiting Idaho with your family, a child who is younger than 14 does not need a license, if they are fishing with an adult who has a valid Idaho fishing license. A nonresident child’s catch counts toward the licensed adult’s limit.


Alex with his first fish / Photo by Brenda Beckley
Creative Commons Licence
Brenda Beckley