Headquarters - Bureau Directory

The headquarters office, located in Boise, is organized into the Directors Office, comprising the executive team, and bureaus representing Department functions: Administration, Fisheries, Wildlife, Law Enforcement, Communications, Human Resources, Information Systems and Engineering. Each bureau is responsible for direction and consistency for programs implemented in the regions by regional staff.

Directors Office - (208) 334-3771
Ed Schriever

Ed Schriever has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for 35 years, starting as a fish culturist and moving up through the ranks, serving seven years as the Clearwater Region's Fisheries Manager before becoming Fisheries Bureau Chief in 2008.

Scott Reinecker,
Deputy Director - Operations

Scott Reinecker has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for over 30 years. Scott began his career as a Conservation Officer and has served as Enforcement Assistant Chief, Regional Supervisor in the Southwest Region, and most recently as the Chief of Wildlife. Scott was born and raised in Idaho and is a graduate of the University of Idaho.

Paul Kline,
Deputy Director - Programs and Policy

Paul Kline has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for over 26 years. Paul began his career as a seasonal technician in the Research Section of the Fisheries Bureau. Paul has served as Program Leader for the Department’s Sockeye Salmon Recovery Program, Columbia River Policy Coordinator and most recently as the Assistant Chief of Fisheries.


Bureaus / Headquarters Offices

(208) 334-3715

Deputy Attorney Generals:
Kathleen Trever
Owen Moroney

(208) 334-3781

Bureau Chief: Michael Pearson

Human Resources
(208) 334-3773

Resource Officer: Gina Hodge

Communications and Marketing
(208) 334-3746

Bureau Chief: Sharon Kiefer

(208) 334-3730

Bureau Chief: Mike Maffey

Information Systems
(208) 287-2866

Bureau Chief: Bob Ross

(208) 334-3736

Bureau Chief: Greg Wooten

(208) 334-3791

Bureau Chief: Jim Fredericks

(208) 334-2920

Bureau Chief: Toby Boudreau