Headquarters - Bureau Directory

The headquarters office, located in Boise, is organized into the Directors Office, comprising the executive team, and bureaus representing Department functions: Administration, Fisheries, Wildlife, Law Enforcement, Communications, Human Resources, Information Systems and Engineering. Each bureau is responsible for direction and consistency for programs implemented in the regions by regional staff.

Directors Office - (208) 334-3771
Deputy Director Ed Schriever
Ed Schriever

Ed Schriever has worked for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for 35 years, starting as a fish culturist and moving up through the ranks, serving seven years as the Clearwater Region's Fisheries Manager before becoming Fisheries Bureau Chief in 2008.

Scott Reinecker,
Deputy Director - Operations

Paul Kline,
Deputy Director - Programs and Policy


Bureaus / Headquarters Offices

(208) 334-3715

Deputy Attorney Generals:
Kathleen Trever
Owen Moroney

(208) 334-3781

Bureau Chief: Michael Pearson

Human Resources
(208) 334-3773

Resource Officer: Gina Hodge

(208) 334-3746

Bureau Chief: Sharon Kiefer

(208) 334-3730

Bureau Chief: Mike Maffey

Information Systems
(208) 287-2866

Bureau Chief: Bob Ross

(208) 334-3736

Bureau Chief: Greg Wooten

(208) 334-3791

Bureau Chief: Jim Fredericks

(208) 334-2920

Bureau Chief: Acting - Toby Boudreau