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Idaho Fish and Game

Rulemaking Process

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is authorized to establish seasons and rules.



Setting the season includes setting season timing and length, species and sex of animal (or fish), size of animal, and number of animals. Season regulations do not require legislative approval.


All other rules passed by the Commission, such as legal equipment definitions, controlled hunt requirements, allowable method of take, and tag quotas are considered rules and must be adopted following the Idaho Administrative Procedure Act, including approval by the Idaho Legislature whose guidance is that formal negotiated rulemaking should be followed whenever feasible.

Public comment is an important part of rule development and will be used to determine feasibility of negotiated rulemaking. Please be aware that public comments will become part of the official public record. If you are interested in providing comments on one or more of the following proposals, you may do so by submitting your comments in writing to the person identified as the primary contact.

Idaho Code

Idaho laws pertaining to Fish and Game are contained in Title 36 of Idaho Code.

The Idaho Code is made available on the Internet by the Idaho Legislature as a public service. This Internet version of the Idaho Code may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may this database be published or repackaged for commercial sale without express written permission.

Administrative Rules

The Administrative Rules are made available on the Internet by the Office of Administrative Rules, Idaho Department of Administration. Official copies of the Administrative Rules must be obtained through the Office of Administrative Rules.

Administrative Bulletin