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Idaho Fish and Game

Disabled Hunter Companion Rules

The companion of a disabled hunter is not required to have a tag while helping a disabled hunter who has the appropriate tag and a valid disabled combination license.

This applies to big game as well as wild turkey and sandhill crane.

It applies to disabled hunters who possess a valid disabled combination license, a nonresident disabled American Veteran hunting license, a disabled archery permit, or a disabled hunt-from-a-motor-vehicle permit and a valid tag.

The companion assisting a disabled hunter is no longer required to have an appropriate tag or controlled hunt permit to assist a disabled hunter.  However, the companion must have a valid license and applicable special weapon permit (i.e. – for an archery only hunt, the companion would need an archery permit) when assisting a disabled hunter with taking big game. The rules for a companion assisting a disabled hunter also allow the companion to take an animal that has been wounded by a disabled hunter and to place and validate the disabled hunter’s tag on the animal.

The companion must accompany the disabled hunter while hunting, and they are required to be within normal conversation or hearing range without shouting or the aid of electronic devices.

The companion to a disabled hunter must have a written statement from the disabled hunter while hunting with the disabled hunter or assisting them with taking and tagging their harvested animal.

The statement must include the disabled hunter’s:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Hunting license number
  • Big game tag number
  • Dates of designation as a companion

Below is an example statement for your convenience.

For more information about the rules for a companion to a disabled hunter, please contact your local Fish and Game office.

Disabled hunter in blind