Species Diversity Data Partners

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS) is a member of NatureServe and houses the Idaho Natural Heritage data. The IFWIS Species Diversity program does not receive direct funding from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Instead, we depend on building relationships with federal and state agencies, private industry, and non-governmental organizations that become annual sustaining partners.

Partners receive a twice-yearly data export of our entire database. They may use those data for any of their internal needs and may provide data to any contractors working on projects for them. Contact Angie Schmidt, IFWIS Program Manager, to learn more about becoming a partner.

Sunset Formation by Steve Corey on flickr
Sunset Formation cc-by-sa Steve Corey on flickr

The following agencies, businesses, and organizations provide financial support for the IFWIS Species Diversity program. Without their support, we could not exist.

US BLM Idaho State Office US Fish and Wildlife Service Idaho State Office US Forest Service Bonneville Power Administration NatureServe USDA Natural Reserouces Conservation Service Idaho Power Company Environmental Management Office, Idaho Army National Guard