Nonresident Deer and Elk Quotas and Limits

Nonresident deer and elk general season tags are limited.

Starting December 1 at 10 a.m. MST, a limited number of general season deer and elk tags go on sale for nonresidents for 2021.

Nonresident Tag Limits Effective December 1, 2020

General season deer and elk tags for nonresident hunters are now limited by GMU for deer or Elk Zone for elk.

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2021 Deer Tags

Tag Type Quota Available
Tags for
Regular (both) Deer
and/or White-tailed Deer**
14,000 2,210
Reserved White-tailed Deer* 1,500 1,500
*Reserved White-tailed Deer tags become available after the main quota of 14,000 has sold out.
Includes outfitter and non-outfitted tags

2021 Deer Tag Limits


2021 Elk Tags

  Quota Available
Zone Elk A & B Tag 12,815 2,901
Includes outfitter and non-outfitted tags


2021 Total Elk Tag Limits



These tag counts are NOT updated in real-time.
Note: Nonresident lifetime hunting/combination license holders must purchase capped zone elk tags during the resident tag sale.

Last updated: Tag count last updated 02/26/21 at 4:45pm MDT