Nonresident Tag Quotas

Nonresident deer and elk general season tags are limited.

This page reflects the updated status of nonresident general deer and elk tags. Quotas for nonresident general season tags are:

  • 12,815 nonresident elk tags
  • 14,000 nonresident regular and white-tailed deer tags
  • 1,500 nonresident white-tailed deer tags
    • (additional tags made available when the regular/white-tailed tags sell out)

These general tags are reserved for nonresidents through July 31. Any unsold tags beginning August 1 become available as second tags to everyone.

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Nonresident Deer and Elk Quotas

Last updated: Tag count last updated June 26, 2020, at 3:15 p.m. MT.

2020 Total Deer Tags

Tag Type Quota Available
Tags for
Regular (both) Deer
and/or White-tailed Deer**
14,000 Sold Out
(outfitter tags are still available)
Reserved White-tailed Deer* 1,500 1,500
(Whitetail deer only)

2020 Total Elk Tags

  Quota Available
Zone Elk A & B Tag** 12,815 Sold Out
(outfitter tags are still available)

Nonresident Capped Elk Tags (a subset of the total quota)

General OTC elk tags are sold out

Please refer to outfitter table below for remaining opportunities.

Note: Returned tags are now available using a new process beginning April 2020: Returned Sold-Out Tags

Elk Zone Name - Tag Type Quota Available
Bear River Zone - B Tag 55 Sold Out
Big Desert Zone - B Tag 5 Sold Out
Diamond Creek Zone - A Tag 459 Sold Out
Dworshak Zone - B Tag 215 Sold Out
Elk City Zone - A Tag 77 Sold Out
Elk City Zone - B Tag 261 Sold Out
Lolo Zone - A Tag 216 Sold Out
Lolo Zone - B Tag 222 Sold Out
Middle Fork Zone - A Tag 174 Sold Out
Middle Fork Zone - B Tag 267 Sold Out
Pioneer Zone - B Tag 12 Sold Out
Salmon Zone - B Tag 627 Sold Out
Sawtooth Zone - A Tag 77 Sold Out
Sawtooth Zone - B Tag 197 Sold Out
Selway Zone - A Tag 254 Sold Out
Selway Zone - B Tag 284 Sold Out
Smoky-Bennett Zone - B Tag 22 Sold Out
South Hills Zone - B Tag 7 Sold Out
Weiser River Zone - B Tag 430 Sold Out
Note: Nonresident lifetime hunting/combination license holders must purchase capped zone elk tags during the resident tag sale.

*Reserved White-tailed Deer tags become available after the main quota of 14,000 has sold out.
**See Outfitter Set-aside table below. Per Idaho Code 36-408 (3), and set by the commission each July.



Outfitter Set-aside


Tag Type Quota Available
Outfitter Regular/White-tailed Deer 1,985 1,602
Outfitter Elk Tags Available 2,400 1,817
Outfitter Capped Elk Zones Quota Available
Bear River Zone - B Tag 54 28
Diamond Creek Zone - A Tag 47 47
Dworshak Zone - B Tag 47 17
Elk City Zone - A Tag 6 6
Elk City Zone - B Tag 40 38
Lolo Zone - A Tag 60 60
Lolo Zone - B Tag 236 236
Middle Fork Zone - A Tag 209 171
Middle Fork Zone - B Tag 444 350
Pioneer Zone - B Tag 21 19
Salmon Zone - B Tag 88 68
Sawtooth Zone - A Tag 48 47
Sawtooth Zone - B Tag 81 81
Selway Zone - A Tag 214 191
Smoky-Bennett Zone - B Tag 7 7
South Hills Zone - B Tag 3 3
Selway Zone - B Tag 303 221
Weiser River Zone - B Tag 10 10




Sawtooth Elk Zone Tags

The Sawtooth Zone elk tags went on sale on May 11, 2020 at 10:00 am Mountain Time. These tags were expected to and did sell out quickly due to high demand.

  • Sawtooth Zone - A Tag
  • Sawtooth Zone - B Tag


Returned Sold-out Tags

These highly sought-after capped zone general tags will be available in a new way, beginning April 2020.
Learn more...



Idaho Nonresident Deer and Elk Tags Sell Out

Plan ahead. Nonresident deer and elk tags sell out prior to seasons starting. The nonresident allocation become available December 1 of the prior year. General deer and elk tags can be exchanged for controlled hunt tags if they are drawn in June.