Nonresident Tag Quotas

Nonresident deer and elk general tags are limited.

The established limits for nonresident general season tags are:

  • 12,815 nonresident elk tags
  • 14,000 Regular and White-Tailed deer tags
  • 1,500 nonresident white-tailed deer tags (additional tags, when the regular/white-tailed tags sell out)

These tags are reserved for nonresidents through July 31. Any unsold tags at that time are available as second tags to everyone.

2018 Nonresident Elk Quotas

Nonresident Deer and Elk Quotas

Last updated: Tag count last updated October 15, 2018

Tag Type Quota Available
Regular/White-tailed Deer 14,000 Sold out
Additional White-tailed Deer 1,500

Sold out

Elk Zone Name Quota Available
TOTAL Nonresident Elk Tags 12,815 Sold out
Bear River Zone - B Tag 55 Sold out
Diamond Creek Zone - A Tag 643 Sold out
Dworshak Zone - B Tag 215 Sold out
Elk City Zone - B Tag 326 Sold out
Lolo Zone - A Tag 216 Sold out
Lolo Zone - B Tag 222 Sold out
Middle Fork Zone - A Tag 174 Sold out
Middle Fork Zone - B Tag 267 Sold out
Salmon Zone - B Tag 830 Sold out
Sawtooth Zone - A Tag 43 Sold out
Sawtooth Zone - B Tag 167 Sold out
Selway Zone - A Tag 254 Sold out
Selway Zone - B Tag 284 Sold out
Weiser River Zone - A Tag   Cap removed
Weiser River Zone - B Tag 430 Sold out
All Other Zones 6,719 Sold out



2018 Elk Tags Sold Out!

All 2018 nonresident elk tags are sold out.

The 2019 nonresident allocation goes on sale December 1, 2018. General elk tags can be exchanged for controlled hunt tags if they are drawn in June.

2018 Nonresident Deer Tags Sold Out!

2018 Nonresident Regular and White-tailed Deer Tags are Sold Out.