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Idaho Fish and Game

Rainbow trout at Nampa Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatcheries

Idaho Fish and Game operates 19 fish hatcheries statewide. They raise, manage and support resident fish species and anadromous fish species (fish that live most of their adult life in saltwater but spawn in freshwater).

Visit a Fish Hatchery

Select a hatchery from the list below for information, including locations, about each of the fish hatcheries the department manages.

The resident fish hatcheries are all funded by license dollars and they provide catchable rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and other fish for the angler.

The Idaho Power Company and others fund the anadromous salmon and steelhead hatcheries as mitigation for the construction of dams that block migration of salmon and steelhead to and from the ocean. Most of these fish are marked so the angler can tell them apart from wild salmon and steelhead.

The fish planted were all sizes, from little 1½ inch kokanee to 17-inch long rainbow trout, and generate millions of dollars for the economy of the state.

Cartoon map of Idaho showing locations of hatcheries