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Idaho Fish and Game

How to Be a Good Witness for Wildlife

Providing the right information helps conservation officers investigate a case.

Being a good witness not only helps our conservation officers investigate a case, but it ultimately increases the likelihood that a violator stealing Idaho’s wildlife resources is held accountable. Help be the eyes and ears for protecting our wildlife.

Please remember that safety should always be your first priority when acting as a witness to a crime.

Details when reporting a wildlife crime

When reporting a wildlife crime, these specific details will help us investigate a case:

  • Vehicle: Describe the vehicle and note the license plate, vehicle type, and color.
  • Location: Where did the crime take place? Use a GPS location or mapping app to point to the location where the crime occurred.
  • Wildlife: What wildlife was involved?
  • Photos: Take photos or videos that capture the scene.
  • Suspect Description: Describe the suspect, and be specific as possible.
Illegal Sturgeon Harvest
Shooting from the Road
Over the Fishing Bag Limit
Shooting More than One Elk


Report a Wildlife Crime

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