Idaho Species Catalog

ATTENTION USERS: WE ARE WORKING TO MOVE THIS IDAHO SPECIES CATALOG TO A NEW PLATFORM. THIS WILL ALSO CHANGE THE FUNCTIONALITY. Changes include removing the ability to log into the site to view your observations. The functionality for viewing taxa, submitting observations, and requesting information will remain. Please direct questions to, Thank you!

Cataloging our natural heritage.

The Idaho Species Diversity Database is the most comprehensive repository for site-specific data on the gem state’s fish, wildlife, and plant diversity.

This database is maintained by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System as the Idaho Natural Heritage Program (a NaturesServe Network Partner) and includes the Wildlife Diversity Program at Idaho Fish and Game.

Observations are contributed by our partners in federal, state, tribal, non-governmental organizations, private consultants, and you.

The following agencies, businesses, and organizations provide financial support for the IFWIS Species Diversity Data Management.

US BLM Idaho State Office US Fish and Wildlife Service Idaho State Office US Forest Service USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Idaho Power Company Bonneville Power Administration NatureServe
Environmental Management Office, Idaho Army National Guard ISDA IDL Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation ITD