Idaho Shooting Preserves

In Idaho, a number of commercial "shooting preserves" exist that allow a hunter to hunt domestic upland game birds for a fee. The fees charged vary but usually include a membership or use-fee plus a charge for all birds released to hunt.

These preserves are private and should not be confused with state Wildlife Management Areas or Federal Refuges.

The general season for a shooting preserve is August 15 to April 15. Contact the preserve of your choice for more information.

Licensed Shooting Preserves by Region
Clearwater Region
  • Flying B Ranch / Joseph Peterson, Kamiah, ID - (208) 935-0755
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Chukar, Gray Partridge, Quail
  • Little Canyon / Marvin "Sonny" Hairston, Peck, ID - (208) 486-6235
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Chukar
Southwest Region
  • Lazy Bear Ranch, LLC / Tim Wrightman, 612 Unity Lane, Weiser, ID - (208) 550-0440
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Chukar, Quail
Magic Valley Region
  • Milton Cockerham / Gooding, ID - (208) 934-4012
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Chukar
Southeast Region
  • Miller Kennels and Game Birds / Roger Miller/Oneida County - (801) 540-4661
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Chukar, Quail, Huns
  • Little Birch Creek / Gordon McLean - (208) 604-0720
    - Upland Game Birds: Pheasant, Gray Partridge, Chukar, Quail
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Last Updated: November 24, 2014 
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