Agency Guidance Documents

Transparency Resource Center for Guidance Documents

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game considers the following documents to be agency guidance documents for purposes of Idaho Executive Order 2020-02. These guidance documents are not new law; they are the Department’s interpretation or implementation of existing law.

1. Department Policies

1. Department Policies
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Land Acquisition for Sustainable Fish and Wildlife Habitats and Recreation
Duplicate License, Tags or Permits, Issuance of
Public Records Requests
Use of Force
Emergency Vehicle Operation
Check Stations
Portable Audio/Video Recording Devices, Use of
Distribution of Spawned-Out and Excess Carcasses At Anadromous Fish Hatcheries
Respectful Workplace and Harassment
Program Nondiscrimination
Emergency Big Game Feeding
Use of Pharmaceutical Agents in Wildlife
Idaho Wildlife Public Safety
Commercial Use of Department Lands

2. Department Procedures

2. Department Procedures
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Technical Assistance
Dogs Harassing Big Game Animals
Disposition of Seized or Unclaimed Fish or Wildlife
Safety Guidelines and Waivers for Youth Hunts and Clinics
Evidence Management and Maintaining Chain of Custody
Simulated Wildlife Enforcement
Hiring Contractors
Hiring Consultants
Federal Wage Rates
Personnel Complaint
Department Managed Lands Leasing
Handling Tree Squirrel Depredations
Handling Beaver Complaints Involving Water Rights
Management of Beavers in Depredation Areas
Protection of Growing or Stacked Crops
Recovering Administrative Costs for Commercial Use on Department Owned and Managed Lands
Procedure for Controlled Hunt Application Corrections
Revocation of License for Careless Handling of Firearm
Public Notification of Grizzly Bear Relocation
Procedure for Controlled Hunt Designations

3. Interpretations of Law or Rules

3. Interpretations of Law or Rules
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Reasonable Access Guidelines as they relate to processing IDFG Depredation Claims
Clarifications on Bait and Baiting
Highway Rights-of-Way Interpretation
Rules Governing the Use of Dogs (IDAPA 13.01.15)
Idaho Fish and Game Commission Delegation of Authority
Intent to Become an Idaho Resident Guidance
Guidance for Kill Permits and Disposal of Big Game Carcasses
Navigability and Public Access Interpretation
PowerBelt Bullets Determination
Interpretation of Rules Regarding Use of Bait for Take of Gray Wolf

4. Miscellaneous Guidance

4. Miscellaneous Guidance
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New Vendor Intake
Process for Hunters to Exchange or Buy Returned Elk Tags
Idaho Sage-Steppe Mitigation Principles
Vendor Manual
Landowner's Guide to Preventing Big Game Damage and Filing Damage Claims
Policy for Avian and Mammalian Predation Management
Commission Challenge Grant Letter and Framework
Idaho Fish and Game Commission Land Acquisition for Sustainable Fish and Wildlife Habitats and Recreation Policy
Guidelines for Requests for Easements on Property owned the by the Department and for the Negotiation and Acquisition of Conservation and Public Access Easements by the Department.
Idaho Fish and Game Commission Statements of Policy Regarding Hunter Orange
Juvenile Residency under Joint Custody Memorandum