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Idaho Fish and Game

Chukar hunt Hells Canyon / Photo by Glenn Oakley

Upland Bird Hunting

Hunters looking to pursue upland birds will find countless opportunities in Idaho. Seasons are long and bag limits are generous.

You can crisscross the entire state hunting forest grouse, while you’ll only find Columbian sharp-tailed and sage-grouse in certain areas of southern and eastern Idaho. Chukar are typically found in rocky, arid areas in much of southern and central Idaho, and gray partridge (huns) are often close by in adjacent cultivated fields.

California quail are plentiful along streams and brushy cover in southern Idaho and all the way north to the Palouse prairie. Pheasant populations have declined in much of Idaho, but can still be found off the beaten path, on Wildlife Management Areas or on private lands.

Season Forecasts by Region