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March 21, 2024: Returned Tag Sale

Returned Sold-out Tag Sale
Event Starts March 21, 2024 at 10:00 am
Elk Tags

Nonresidents only.

Tag TypeQuotaAvailable
Nonresident Elk12,815Sold Out
Nonresident DAV Elk300Sold Out

View available elk tags, listed by elk zone and tag type.

Deer Tags

Nonresidents only.

Tag TypeQuotaAvailable
Nonresident Regular Deer Tag14,000Sold Out
Nonresident White-tailed Deer *626354
Nonresident DAV Deer500Sold Out

View available regular deer tag and white-tailed deer tag limits listed by game management unit.

Includes all non-resident outfitted and not outfitted
* Includes reserved white-tailed tags that are made available after the initial statewide quota has sold out
Available Tags for March 21

The following types of tags are available during this tag sale:
* Nonresident white-tailed deer tags
* Nonresident returned general deer tags
* Nonresident returned elk tags

Tags returned back to the department through refunds, exchanges, etc. are made available for sale during a scheduled Returned Tag Sale (see sale dates posted on the right-hand side of the page). Returned tags are sold online at, in person at any Idaho Fish and Game regional office or license vendor locations, and over the phone at 1-800-554-8685, beginning at 10 a.m. mountain time.

Hunters purchasing online will be placed in a virtual waiting room when logging into the sale, and randomly assigned a place in line when the sale begins at 10 a.m. mountain time. Hunters logging into the sale after 10 a.m. will be placed at the back of the line.

Once a hunter is within their customer account, they should move through the sale process as quickly as possible to allow the next hunter in line the opportunity to enter the site. Once the sale transaction is complete, hunters will receive an email confirmation to the email address on file.
Any tags returned back to the department will be advertised on this webpage the Tuesday prior to the sale date. General season tags are returned throughout the year, and Controlled Hunt tags can be returned to the department after Leftovers are on sale in late August.
You may be eligible to exchange your tag during a Returned Tag Sale. General season tags can be exchanged to another general season tag of the same species that has available tags, and before theĀ first day of any hunt for the current tag. Exchanges will not be available if any hunt season has started on your current tag. During a Returned Tag Sale, a tag can be exchanged through your online customer account at, over the phone at 1-800-554-8685 or any Idaho Fish and Game regional office, but note that exchanges can not be processed at license vendor locations at any time.

If you are able to successfully exchange a tag during a Returned Tag Sale, our Licenses office will reach out to you directly by email to provide next steps on returning your previous tag to our office so that we can mail the new tag to your address on file.

Exchanges are not available online or over the phone outside of scheduled Returned Tag Sale. Please contact your local Idaho Fish and Game regional office for exchange options outside of these sales.
A tag is returned back to the department when a hunter is approved for a refund or completes an exchange. View our departmentĀ Nonresident Refund Information or review the exchange information above.

Returned Elk Tags

Sold out, all zones.

Regular Deer Tags

Sold out, all units.

White-tailed Deer Tags

Nonresidents only. Tags can not exceed 354 total across the unit limits listed below.

Game Management Unit (GMU)Tags available
Unit 327
Unit 189
Unit 231
Unit 2427
Unit 337
Unit 581
Unit 591
Unit 6017
Unit 6111
Unit 627
Unit 62A8
Unit 636
- Only showing units with available returned sold-out tags. 

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