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Idaho Fish and Game

Range instructor coaching shotgun skills

Public Shooting Ranges

Learn to shoot safely at a Fish and Game public shooting range, it's always a good idea to improve your shooting and firearms skills.

Shooting ranges are specialized facilities designed for safe firearms practice by shooters of all abilities. Each range is supervised by a Range Master, who is responsible for ensuring that firearm safety rules are followed at all times.

Public shooting range rules require that all guns brought on site be unloaded and securely cased. This rule is in force regardless of whether the owner holds a legal concealed weapons permit.

When in the defined boundaries of the range, shooters are required to wear safety glasses and hearing protection at all times. Spectators or non-shooters should also wear eye and ear protection.

All shooting range rules and direction by the Range Master must be followed by anyone on shooting range property. Persons failing to abide by the shooting range rules or direction of the Range Master may be required to leave the range.

Youth at shooting range.

Where To - A directory of target shooting facilities in Idaho and across the country. Search for Idaho shooting ranges from this website.


Shooting Range Development Grants

Idaho Fish and Game has a shooting range development grant program.

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