Volunteer for Idaho's Wildlife


Kirsten planting willows at Lawyer Creek. IDFG Photo by Mary Dudley
Creative Commons Licence
IDFG Photo by Mary Dudley
Volunteers plant thousands of plants every year in Idaho to restore native habitat!


Regional Volunteer Coordinator Contacts

Panhandle Region - Pete Gardner: 208-769-1414

Clearwater Region - Bill Seybold: 208-799-5010

Southwest Region - Michael Young: 208-327-7095

Magic Valley Region - TanaRae Alberti: 208-324-4359

Southeast Region - Tessa Atwood: 208-232-4703

Upper Snake Region - James Brower: 208-525-7290

Salmon Region - 208-756-2271

Volunteer Application and Service Agreement[pdf, 100 kb]


Other Opportunities


Why volunteer?

It's fun and satisfying.
Build friendships.
Take an active role in wildlife management.
Learn something new.
Gain new skills and experiences.

There are many "hands-on" ways that you can help

Improve and restore habitat for fish and wildlife.
Assist biologists with surveys.
Teach fishing skills and hunter safety.
Help others discover the wonders of wildlife.
And much more!