Complete fishery data for Idaho’s waters.

The Fishing Planner is an advanced tool to explore fishing opportunities in Idaho. You can find detailed information about Idaho’s waters, stocking reports, species, facilities, maps and rules.

To find popular and easy to access waters, we suggest browsing the data using the Recommended and Family Fishing Waters options below.

Henrys Fork Boise River photo by-nc-sa Drew Morris on Flickr

Recommended Fishing Waters

Regional fisheries managers have selected these rivers, lakes and streams as good locations for catching fish with reasonable access. Amenities, including restrooms, docks, boat ramps and motor restrictions have been inventoried at these locations.

These are the locations our biologists would recommend to their relatives (that they like) who are visiting from out of town.

View Recommended Waters

Family Fishing Water, Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir photo by TanaRae Alberti, IDFG

Family Fishing Waters

Stocked regularly with catchable fish, these locations are ideal for sharing the joy of fishing with your children or grandchildren.

Cover photo Stocking big rainbows with a net photo cc-by IDFG

Fish Stocking

View over 100,000 fish stocking events statewide since 1967. Many anglers use historical records from several years back to identify lakes and streams with mature fish today.

Use the schedule to see what waters are set to be stocked in the coming months.

Historical Stocking Records Current Stocking Schedule

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