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Idaho Fish and Game

Equipment for Muzzleloader-ONLY Hunts


A muzzle loading rifle or musket which:

  1. Is capable of being loaded ONLY from the muzzle.
  2. Is equipped with a single or double-barrel.
  3. Is loaded ONLY with loose black powder OR other loose synthetic black powder.
  4. Is loaded with a patched round ball OR a conical, unjacketed projectile comprised wholly of lead or lead alloy. No sabots.
  5. Is loaded with a projectile that is within .010 of an inch of the bore diameter.
  6. Is equipped ONLY with a flint OR a percussion cap OR a musket cap. 209 primers are prohibited.
  7. Is equipped with an ignition system in which any portion of the cap is clearly exposed and visible when the hammer of the weapon is cocked and ready to fire.
  8. Has no scope, only open or peep sights. Fiber optic open sites are permitted.
  9. Is free of any electronic devices.
  10. Is at least forty-five (.45) caliber for deer, antelope, or mountain lion.
  11. Is at least fifty (.50) caliber for elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or black bear.

These pictures are examples only, and are not a complete list of legal equipment.

  • black powder
    black powder
  • Synthetic Black Powder
    synthetic black powder
  • round lead ball        belted lead bullet
    round lead ball belted lead bullet
  • lead bullets
    conical unjacketed lead bullets
  • open sights
    open sights
  • peep sights
    peep sights
  • musket cap rifle
    open ignition
  • open ignition rifle
    open ignition
  • flints
  • musket caps
    musket caps
  • percussion caps
    percussion caps


These pictures are examples only, and are not a complete list of not-legal equipment.

  • powder pellets
    powder pellets or sticks
  • 209 primers
    209 primers
  • closed ignition 209 primer rifle
    closed ignition 209 primer rifles
  • saboted bullets
    saboted bullets
  • copper bullet
    belted copper bullets
Last Updated: March 12, 2012 
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