Engineering for Fish and Wildlife

Behind every boat ramp, fishing pond, building or construction project by Idaho Fish and Game is a small staff of engineers who design and coordinate construction of these facilities. The projects are contracted out to private contractors.

The unique design needs of fish and wildlife were recognized as far back as 1940s with Fish and Game’s first staff engineer. Since then, projects built to benefit sportsmen and support Fish and Game’s physical infrastructure includes work on:

  • hatcheries
  • wildlife management areas
  • fishing and boating access
  • dams, roads and bridges
  • habitat improvement
  • fish passage
  • Fish and Game buildings

Every year new projects are planned and built with sportsmen dollars and federal and state funds.

Projects in

This is a list of projects under construction.

Regional map
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Projects Open for Bid

This is a list of Fish and Game engineering projects currently open for bids from private contractors.

Contractor Resources

If you are a contractor interested in working with Fish and Game, contact the Engineering Bureau at 208-334-3730.

Forms for Contractors