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Idaho Fish and Game

Hunters Education Field day

Hunter Ed Certification

Learn the skills needed to safely and responsibly enjoy hunting in Idaho.

Hunter Ed Certification is required for all hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, in order to purchase an Idaho hunting license. Hunters who show proof of a previously held hunting license or hunter education certificate from Idaho or another state are exempt. All courses are open for anyone ages 9 to adult. 

Students will learn hunting laws and ethics; responsibility to landowners; hunting skills; wildlife identification; survival skills and first aid; and wildlife management and conservation. Instructor-led and hybrid courses will provide hands-on instruction on firearm handling and safety.

Your certificate will be given to you on the day you successfully complete the course.

Hunter Ed Certification is offered via three different course types: Instructor-led, Online or Hybrid.  See below for more information and to sign up today.  

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Instructor-led Hunter Ed Certification        

This option is ideal for new hunters, particularly those without a mentor. 

  • Taught by a trained instructor in a classroom setting.

  • Hands-on experience

  • Length of time: 12 to 13 hours. Length may vary in regions.

  • BOWHUNTER COMBO COURSES: Some courses also offer bowhunter certification. Check class details for more information.

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Online Hunter Ed Certification     

This option is best suited for those who do not need hands-on firearm training.

  • Self-paced course taken on any computer. Includes live-action videos.

  • All lessons are self-directed online without a live instructor.

  • No hands-on experience

  • No field day required

  • Length of time: 10 to 12 hours

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Hybrid Hunter Ed Certification*      

This option is ideal for those seeking hands-on firearm experience who don't have time for the traditional course. Designed for students ages 9 to adult.

  • Initial lessons are taught by a live instructor in a virtual classroom.

  • Accessible on any computer.

  • Final lesson is taught in-person with hands-on experience.

  • Some pre-reading required

  • Virtual class time: 3-4 sessions, 2 hours each

  • In-person class time: 1 session, 3-5 hours

  • Total class time commitment: 11-13 hours

* New course — Currently offered only in the Southwest Region.

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Bowhunter Ed Certification

Bowhunters are required to pass a Hunter Ed Certification course so they can purchase a hunting license and to pass a Bowhunter Ed Certification course to purchase an archery permit. They can be exempted from either requirement if they can show proof of a previously held hunting license or certification or a bowhunter certification from Idaho or another state. 

Bowhunter Ed Certification is offered in combination with some Instructor-led Hunter Ed Certification courses (see above) or can be taken by itself via the online bowhunter education course below. 

Bowhunter Ed Online Hunter Certification      

This option is best suited for those who do not need hands-on bowhunter training. 

  • Self-paced course taken on any computer.  
  • All lessons are self-directed online without a live instructor. 
  • No hands-on experience. 
  • Length of time:  10-12

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Hunter Ed Replacement Card

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