Hunter Education Programs

Learn the skills needed to safely and responsibly enjoy hunting, trapping and bowhunting in Idaho's outdoors.

Who needs Hunter Education?

Idaho hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, must either:

  • complete a hunter education course to purchase a hunting license, OR
  • show proof of a previously held license in Idaho or another state.

Hunter Education Classes

Offered to students ages 9 and older,  these courses provide instruction on firearm handling and safety; hunting law and ethics; responsibilities towards landowners; hunting skills; wildlife identification; survival skills and first aid; and management and conservation.

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Hunter Ed In-person Courses Hunter and Bowhunter Combo Courses

Online Course Hunting & Shooting Sports Classes 

Bowhunter Education Classes

To buy an archery permit, all bowhunters ages 9 and older must possess a valid hunting license and show proof they have completed an approved bowhunter education course or show evidence of having been licensed for an archery-only hunt in Idaho or another state, or complete an affidavit to that effect.

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In-person Courses Hunter and Bowhunter Combo Courses

Online Bowhunter Course

Trapper Education Classes

Trapper education courses are in-person and cover trapping laws, ethical trapping, avoiding non-target catch, safety and basic trapping methods. Wolf trapper education covers wolf trapping regulations, ethics and trapping methods. 



Trapper Education Courses Wolf Trapper Education Courses 

Who is required to have Trapper and/or Wolf Trapper Education? Anyone who has not held an Idaho trapping license prior to July 2011 is required to take trapper education before purchasing a license in 2018. Anyone intending to trap wolves must attend wolf trapper education prior to purchasing wolf trapping tags. Therefore, anyone intending to trap wolves that did not hold an Idaho trapping license prior to 2011 is required to take both trapper and wolf-trapper education.



Hunter Ed Replacement Card

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