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A scenic Idaho landscape with a green meadow, mountains and meandering river

State Wildlife Action Plan 2023

The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan outlines conservation and management actions for at-risk species and their habitats.

The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan is for conserving and managing Idaho’s most at-risk fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats. For the first time, plant species were incorporated into the 2023 revision.

The plan provides information on strategic and voluntary conservation actions for species identified by Idaho Fish and Game as “species of greatest conservation need” or “species of greatest information need.” Greatest information need refers to species potentially at-risk but that require further study to gain information on their taxonomy, distribution, and/or ecology.

The plan recognizes the diverse social, cultural values and natural resource-based economies that sustain Idaho’s communities. It also creates opportunities for all stakeholders to collaborate in proactive, voluntary, and community-oriented partnerships to conserve at-risk species and the lands and waters that support them.

The plan also emphasizes ways to prevent future listings under the federal Endangered Species Act, thus helping Idaho Fish and Game maintain state management authority for Idaho’s fish, wildlife, and plants.


Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan 2023

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