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Idaho Fish and Game


State Wildlife Action Plan

This report is a 10-year comprehensive review and revision of the entire Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP), the product of an expert workgroup convened by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

DRAFT 2023 Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan

Idaho Fish and Game has submitted its updated 2023 Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for Regional Review Team review, a requirement for all state wildlife action plan comprehensive reviews and major revisions. The revised plan is a statewide plan for conserving and managing Idaho‚Äôs most at-risk fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats. 

This plan remains a draft until officially approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service Director. In the meantime, if your work or funding source requires that you work from an officially approved state wildlife action plan, please use the 2015 Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan available below.

Download the Draft 2023 State Wildlife Action Plan (PDF)

2023 Draft SWAP full cover




State Wildlife Action Plan

You can download the full document or browse by PDF sections. All files are available as PDF documents at this time.

Full Document ( PDF: 39.6 MB )

2016 SWAP full cover



Last updated 02/15/2017


State Wildlife Action Plan by Section

Section TitleSize
563 KB
117 KB
131 KB
155 KB
161 KB
145 KB
637 KB
272 KB
177 KB
70 KB
Ecological SectionsSize
789 KB
1.2 MB
1 MB
1.3 MB
1.6 MB
1.4 MB
1.7 MB
1.5 MB
2.6 MB
1.6 MB
935 KB
1.4 MB
2.3 MB
1.4 MB
1.1 MB
Annotated Checklist of Idaho Vertebrates, 2015
511 KB
Summary Checklist of Idaho Invertebrates, 2015
274 KB
Idaho Species of Greatest Conservation Need, 2015
232 KB
Key Ecological Sections for Each Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) in Idaho. Species are Arranged First by Priority Tiers and Second by Taxonomic Order
271 KB
SWAP Vegetation Conservation Target Abstracts
5.9 MB
Species Conservation Status Assessments
9.9 MB
Species Monitoring Summary
345 KB
740 KB
106 KB


The Action Plan describes key conservation targets (fish and wildlife species and their habitats), threats to those targets such as invasive weeds and wildfire, and recommended actions to address the threats.

The Plan is intended to conserve fish and wildlife by helping landowners, resource-based industries, and land management agencies choose programs and on-the-ground activities that benefit those species that need the most help. All guidance, strategies, and actions suggested in the Action Plan are voluntary and will help prevent future endangered species listings.