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Idaho Fish and Game

Wildlife Diversity Program

Brown Bat
The Wildlife Diversity Program works to protect almost 10,000 species. That is 98% of Idaho’s biodiversity!

From songbirds, raptors, bats, squirrels, frogs, and lizards, to thousands of insects and other invertebrates, as well as Idaho’s native plants, many nongame species are common and can been seen in your own backyard.

The Idaho Wildlife Diversity Program was created when the former Nongame Wildlife Program and Idaho Conservation Data Center merged. 

The program’s goal is to maintain viable, self-sustaining populations of all native wildlife and plants to prevent species from becoming endangered. Emphasis is given to priority species and habitats identified in Idaho’s State Wildlife Action Plan.

Program projects also benefit game species, such as elk, deer, sage-grouse and salmon, that share the same habitats.

Idaho Birding Trail
Great Gray Owl Chick / Photo by Sarah Jessup

Bald eagle
Brilliant Dragonfly / Photo by Tony Attanasio


Pygmy Rabbit
Last Updated: February 6, 2015 
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