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Idaho Fish and Game

Fish Hatchery
Hagerman National
Before you go

Hagerman National Fish Hatchery is an anadromous production hatchery located about 5.4 miles south of Hagerman, and about one mile upstream of the Hagerman State Fish Hatchery. The hatchery was initially constructed in 1932 as a rainbow trout hatchery. In 1979, it was converted to a steelhead trout mitigation hatchery under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Lower Snake River Compensation Program. This program is a federal mitigation program funded by Bonneville Power Administration for lost natural fish production and harvest opportunity caused by hydropower development on the Lower Snake River. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game assumed operations of the hatchery in 2018 with continued funding provided through Bonneville Power Administration. 

Related Location

3059 National Fish Hatchery Road
Hagerman, ID 83332
United States

Location Facts

The hatchery consists of three separate areas that are used for incubation and early rearing of steelhead. In late-summer when the fish reach the fingerling stage, they are marked, tagged and moved from their early rearing units to outdoor raceways. The hatchery uses water that emanates from nearby springs that supply a constant 59℉ temperature year-round. Four permanent hatchery personnel and multiple temporary staff work at the hatchery year-round. 

Location Things to Know

The hatchery’s steelhead trout mitigation goal is 1.56 million. Each June, the hatchery receives eyed steelhead trout eggs from the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery, and the fish remain on the station until the following April when they reach the smolt stage. At this time, they are transported and released back into the Salmon River and East Fork Salmon River.  

Access Information

The hatchery is open to the public in designated areas daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Large group guided tours are available during normal business hours. To schedule a guided tour, please call the hatchery office at (208) 837-4896. For any questions not directly related to the hatchery, please call the IDFG Magic Valley Regional office at (208) 324-4359. There is no charge to visit the hatchery.