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Springfield Fish Hatchery

The Springfield Fish Hatchery is located in southeast Idaho about 22 miles west of Blackfoot off Highway 39. Follow Highway 39 from Blackfoot, through Pingree and turn left onto 1800 W. Travel south on 1800 W. until you reach Edwards Road and turn right. The entrance for the hatchery is just past the parking area entrance for Crystal Springs Pond fishing area.

The Springfield Fish Hatchery is funded by the Bonneville Power Administration and is part of the Snake River Sockeye Salmon Recovery Program. Snake River Sockeye Salmon were added to the federal endangered species list in 1992.

Site Overview
Construction of the Springfield Fish Hatchery was completed in 2013. Inside the hatchery building there is an egg incubation room and 22 fiberglass troughs for early rearing. Outside there are 22 concrete raceways.

Visitors are welcome from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitor access is limited to the visitors center area. Scheduled tours may be given on request. Please call (208) 328-9945 for an appointment. There is a public restroom available.

Species Production
The primary mission of the hatchery is to produce 1,000,000 Snake River Sockeye Salmon smolts.

Sockeye Salmon
Learn more about these fish and others in our fish identification section.
1830 W. 950 S.
Springfield, ID 83277
(208) 328-9945

Hatchery signage

Hatchery raceways
Last Updated: July 3, 2014 
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