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Fishing pressure on Little Salmon River


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Sometimes fishing for salmon and steelhead means sharing the river with other anglers.  This video, created with the help of long-time salmon and steelhead anglers, has many helpful tips for fishing with others on popular stretches of river. 

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Three Great Tips

By doing 3 simple things when fishing, you can help minimize the conflict and maximize the fun! When fishing around other anglers.

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Talk to one another about how to best fish together.
  3. Not everyone knows generally accepted fishing practices. Be patient with people’s mistakes and share your knowledge on how to fish with others.

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? It’s conveniently broken down into 4 parts for your convenience.

Part 1. Fishing With Others

Sometimes it’s called combat fishing because salmon and steelhead fishing can get crowded on popular stretches of the river. Yet, most anglers work together to make it enjoyable.

This part of the video explains how people can fish together and not cause conflict with other anglers.

Part 2. Boat Wakes

When fishing from a boat or fishing in areas frequented by boats, being safe is critical. This part of the video explains long-time practices among local anglers for both boat drivers and shore anglers.

The bottom line:

  • Every boater need to be aware of their wakes.
  • Every angler needs to know how to be safe around boat wakes.

Part 3. At The Boat Ramp

A frequent frustration for all anglers is at the boat ramp.  Getting your boat in and out quickly is key to keeping the lines moving.

Try some of the common do’s and don’ts described in this video and you’ll be a boat ramp hero.

Part 4. Keep Idaho's Rivers Beautiful

Salmon and steelhead anglers have a reputation of being messy.

When you’re on the river, make the choice not to leave fishing line, bait containers and trash behind.

If you see someone else’s trash, it’s easy to pick it up.

Make the choice to keep our rivers clean.