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Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System

Bringing information to bear.

Kahle Becker steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River in 2016


Find your next fishing hole

archery hunters


Plan your next hunt

Young girl looking with amazement at a fish in an aquarium at the MK Nature Center in Boise September 2006


Where to go. When to go. What to see.

adult monarch butterflies sip nectar from the flowers of showy milkweed

Species Diversity

Monitoring Idaho's native wildlife and plants

Map of wolf activity in 2009

Maps / GIS

Geographic Information Systems

Rainbow words


APIs and Resources

Tools for Biologists

To access many of these tools you will need a login affiliated with Idaho Fish and Game or one of our partner agencies. If you believe you should have access to these resources, first try registering and logging in using your agency's email. If that fails, please contact us.
Yellow Perch tagged to estimate angler harvest

Fisheries Management

Stocking, trapping and surveys

Check station measurements

Game Management

From check stations to radio collars

Boundary Creek WMA

Land Management
and Conservation

Tools to inform stewardship and planning.


These applications are built and maintained by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System, a small team of biologists, data managers, GIS professionals, and programmers working within the Department of Fish and Game.

We work in collaboration with our counterparts at state, federal and tribal agencies, as well as private partners to develop a common infrastructure for compiling, managing, and disseminating data about Idaho's fish, wildlife, plants, and natural resources.

We build bridges between disparate studies and initiatives across agencies by developing common frameworks in geography, taxonomy, and biology.

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Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System

Bringing information to bear on the management and conservation of fish, wildlife, and plants in Idaho.