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Idaho Fish and Game

Fish Hatchery
Before you go

Hagerman Hatchery is located about 4 miles south of Hagerman on highway 30. Turn at the Hagerman Wildlife Management area sign and follow the gravel road about ½ mile to the hatchery. 

Related Location

1060 State Fish Hatchery Road
Hagerman, ID 83332
United States

Location Facts

A large hatchery building housing 28 rectangular vats is used to incubate eggs and rear small fish. There are eighteen nursery raceways that produce brown trout, sturgeon, tiger muskies, and 6” rainbow trout fingerlings.  There are also 24 large raceways that allow fish to be grown to full size of 10”-12” long. The hatchery has four fish hauling vehicles of various sizes to stock the fish in lakes, ponds, and rivers across the state. Water for the hatchery is supplied from Tucker Springs and Riley Creek at a constant 59° F. At full capacity, Hagerman Hatchery uses about 90 cfs of water to rear about 1.3 million rainbow trout annually. Three permanent hatchery personnel and one transport operator work at the hatchery. 

Location Things to Know

Funding for Hagerman Hatchery is provided from the federal Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration Act. The purpose of the hatchery is to provide quality fish for Idaho Waters. All the rainbow trout that are released are sterile, so as not to interfere with the genetics of natural populations.  

Access Information

Hatchery is open to walk in visitors from 8 am-4pm seven days a week in designated areas to look at the fish. Large group guided tours are available during normal business hours.  To schedule a guided tour, please call the hatchery office at (208) 837-4892. For any questions not directly related to the hatchery, please call the IDFG Magic Valley Regional office at (208) 324-4359. There is no charge to visit the hatchery.

There are also opportunities to fish for trout, bass, bluegills, and carp on the 880 acres of WMA property surrounding the hatchery.