Big Game Seasons and Rules

Seasons and rules information for big game hunting in Idaho

2020 Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules

The 2020 Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure is available online as a full download, or by section below.

Download Full Brochure

 – Full brochure, pages 1-124, [PDF, 8.7 MB] – Second Edition


These seasons and rules take effect July 1, 2019.


Notice of Correction

Affects tags potentially remaining after the second controlled hunt drawing

The sale date for the leftover controlled hunt tags was listed incorrectly in the 2020 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure. The correct date for the sale is August 25 at 10am MT. The incorrect dates appear on pages 7, 10, 108, 110, and 111.

This correction is not made in the PDF or printed brochures.

Press Release

Updated: 8/11/2020 4:45 pm MT


Brochure Sections:

The sections below are split into smaller files focused on the categories listed.

Intro Information

Includes — Table of contents, Getting started / What's new, key dates
 – Pages 2-7 [PDF, 1 MB]
Some key dates are also listed below.

Deer General Seasons

 – Pages 8-18 [PDF, 880 KB]

Deer Controlled Hunt Seasons

 – Pages 19-30 [PDF, 580 KB]

Elk General Seasons

 – Pages 32-47 [PDF, 2.25 MB]

Elk Controlled Hunt Seasons

 – Pages 48-63 [PDF, 575 KB]

Elk hunters who apply for a controlled elk hunt in 2020 will be ineligible to buy a capped elk zone tag until five days after they go on sale.
Updated March 20, 2020

Pronghorn Controlled Hunt Seasons

 – Pages 64-67 [PDF, 607 KB]

Black Bear Seasons

 – Pages 69-74 [PDF, 510 KB]

Mountain Lion Seasons

 – Pages 75-77 [PDF, 331 KB]

Gray Wolf Seasons

 – Pages 78-83 [PDF, 494 KB]

Changes to wolf hunting and trapping seasons for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 are in effect.
Updated Feb. 20, 2020

Unit Map and Unit Boundary Descriptions

Includes — Bighorn sheep raffle
 – Pages 84-96 [PDF, 1.3 MB]

General Wildlife Laws

Includes — Trespass, weapons, hound hunting, proxy statement, trails, ATV's, right of way
 – Pages 97-107, 121 & 116 [PDF, 785 KB]

Controlled Hunt Information

Includes — Application worksheet, depredation and permit information
Please note: Mail-in controlled hunt applications are no longer accepted.
 – Pages 108-113 [PDF, 472 KB]

Elk hunters who apply for a controlled elk hunt in 2020 will be ineligible to buy a capped elk zone tag until five days after they go on sale.
Updated March 20, 2020

License, Tag, and Permit Fees

Includes — Purchasing options, item pricing, super hunt application, paper map order form
 – Pages 114-122 [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Second edition posted 04/03/2020 12:45 pm MDT

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Seasons, rules, and fees may change. It is your responsibility to be aware of changes since these seasons and rules were printed.

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