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Idaho Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game 2015 Strategic Plan

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission unanimously approved the Idaho Fish and Game 2015 Strategic Plan on November 19, 2015. The 2015 Strategic Plan replaces The Compass strategic plan adopted by the Commission in 2005.


In November 2014, the Commission directed Fish and Game staff to conduct a review of The Compass and to make adjustments in order to bring it up to date and to focus on the current Commission’s priorities to improve hunting, fishing and trapping in Idaho. Although The Compass was supposed to be reviewed every five years, this Commission-directed review is the first to occur, resulting in the 2015 Strategic Plan.

The 2015 Strategic Plan contains the same basic goals and objectives outlined in The Compass but the new document is shorter, sharper and more relevant to issues and challenges facing Idaho Fish and Game today.

The Idaho Fish and Game 2015 Strategic Plan is designed to set the “big picture” guide for personnel and for Fish and Game’s other strategically themed documents (to the right) including those that are updated annually as required by law.


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