Craig Mountain WMA – Redbird Parcel

Stocking Information

Updated June, 2022
Note: Schedule is a forecast and may change without notice.
Week of: Number of Birds Number of Birds
October 2   21
October 9 10 15
October 16 10 15
October 23 10 15
October 30 10 15
November 6 10 15
November 13 10 15
November 20 15 25
November 27 10 15
December 4 10 15
December 11 10 15
Subtotal 105 181
Total Birds 286  

Youth hunt season 2022 is October 1 through October 7. Please consult Seasons and Rules for more information.

Areas with stocked birds are popular and can experience high hunter use. Please be courteous to others you encounter.

Access Restrictions

All rules apply to hunting pheasant release areas with the following exceptions and special procedures for the Clearwater Region:

  • Hours: Sportsmen may begin hunting at 0800 on public and private lands where pheasants are being stocked.
  • Register: Sportsmen must register prior to hunting using the online sign-in process to pursue pheasants on areas where pheasants are being stocked in the Clearwater Region.
    • Online sign-in process must be used to pursue pheasants on Redbird section of Craig Mountain WMA
    • Sportsmen must cease hunting in accordance with selected AM/PM enrollments.
    • Sportsmen must provide printed certificates of online sign-in or display emails from smartphone for selected hunting days.
    • The pre-registration requirement to hunt on private and public lands in the Clearwater Region was established to prevent over-crowding on smaller private land parcels and enhance hunter opportunity/experience.

For more information contact the Clearwater Region office at 208-799-5010 for details.

Seasons and Rules Highlights

The Upland Game Seasons and Rules brochure defines take of pheasant. Pheasant hunting here requires the following special requirements:

Shooting Hours

8 a.m. PT until one-half hour after sunset.


Location Code: 
Clearwater Region
Nez Perce

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