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Idaho Fish and Game

Big game hunter trailing deer in fog

Idaho Hunter Orange Policy

Hunter orange is recommended in Idaho, but only required under certain circumstances

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission, in November, 2008 adopted a policy for hunter orange in Idaho.

To summarize 

In Idaho, Hunter Orange is Required in the following scenarios

  • While hunting pheasants where the Upland Game Bird Permit is required
    • Including on Idaho Fish and Game properties and leases
  • On sponsored hunts, such as organized youth hunts.

Hunter Orange is Encouraged

  • Where and when it will increase hunter safety without being detrimental to hunter success, such as in waterfowl hunting or turkey hunting where camouflage is needed to avoid being spotted by the quarry. 


Hunter Orange Safety Information

  • To meet the hunter orange requirements where the Upland Game Bird Permits is required, the minimum requirement is 36 square inches of hunter orange above the waist. An orange hat typically fulfills this requirement.
  • The safety benefits of hunter orange are not limited to hunters. Outdoor enthusiasts in areas likely frequented by hunters are encouraged to wear orange. 
  • Hunter orange is effectively visible to people, but not to most big game animals. Other colors, such as bright red, yellow and pink, can also be highly visible to hunters.