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Idaho Fish and Game

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Pheasant Stocking Program

2023 Pheasant Stocking Program

The pheasant stocking program provides additional pheasant hunting opportunities on Wildlife Management Areas and other access agreement properties throughout Idaho during the pheasant hunting season. Properties where game farm pheasants are released in each region are listed below.

Upland Game Bird Permit

The Upland Game Bird Permit is required to hunt pheasant on properties where pheasants are stocked. Those properties are found on the Pheasant Stocking page.

Upland Game Permit Info

Hunter Orange Required

All upland game bird hunters are required to wear visible hunter orange of at least 36 square inches above the waist when hunting on locations where an Upland Game Bird Permit is required. A hunter orange hat meets this requirement.

Hunter Orange Info

Areas with stocked birds are popular and can experience high hunter use. Please be courteous to others you encounter.

Seasons and Rules Highlights

The Upland Game Seasons and Rules brochure defines take of pheasant. Pheasant hunting here requires the following special requirements:

Upland Game Brochure