Idaho Birding Trail: Southeast Region

This region is an arid mix of foothills, forests, agricultural land and urban centers.

Site Number Location
1 Mackay Reservoir and Chilly Slough
2 Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
3 Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge/Lake Walcott State Park
4 City of Rocks National Reserve
5 Massacre Rocks State Park
6 American Falls Area
7 American Falls Fish Hatchery
8 Sterling Wildlife Management Area
9 Aberdeen Sportsman Park
10 Springfield Lake
11 The Springfield Bottoms/McTucker Ponds
12 Cedar Ridge Subloop
13 Big Canyon to Knox Canyon Route Subloop
14 Portneuf Greenway
15 Mink Creek Subloop
16 Portneuf Wildlife Management Area
17 Hawkins Reservoir
18 Daniels Reservoir
19 Weston Reservoir
20 Curlew National Grassland
21 Marsh Creek and Red Rock Pass
22 Oxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area
23 Oneida Narrows Reserve
24 Twin Lakes Reservoir
25 Upper Portneuf River
26 Blackfoot River Wildlife Management Area
27 Alexander Reservoir
28 Formation Springs Preserve
29 Blackfoot Reservoir
30 Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge
31 Diamond Creek
32 Elk Valley Marsh
33 Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
34 Wolverine Canyon Subloop
35 Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area
36 South Fork of the Snake
37 Palisades Reservoir
38 Teton Valley Subloop
39 Teton Pass Subloop (Mike Harris Campground)
40 Mud Lake Wildlife Management Area
41 Camas National Wildlife Refuge
42 Market Lake Wildlife Management Area
43 Mesa Falls Subloop
44 Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area /Chester Wetlands
45 Harriman State Park
46 Black Canyon Road Subloop
47 Henrys Lake Subloop
48 Juniper Rest Area
49 Jensen Grove Park
50 Gem Lake
51 River Parkway
52 Russ Freeman Memorial Park
53 Cartier Slough Wildlife Management Area /Beaver Dick Park
54 Cress Creek Nature Trail
55 Market Lake Wildlife Managment Area - Basin Unit (Western Wings Pond)
56 Castle Rocks State Park