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Idaho Fish and Game

Three California Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

To hunt bighorn sheep in Idaho, you need to apply for a controlled hunt tag.

Hunters dream of drawing one of Idaho’s coveted bighorn sheep tags. Once one of the most common species in the West, several thousand roam Idaho’s remote rugged mountains and steep river canyons today.

To hunt bighorn sheep in Idaho, you need to apply for one of 85 controlled hunt tags. Successful applicants can harvest one California and one Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in their lifetime.

A hunter has two other options to pursue bighorn sheep, whether or not you have previously harvested a wild sheep in Idaho. One bighorn tag is offered through a lottery administered through the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation and another can be purchased at an auction held annually at the national Wild Sheep Foundation convention. Hunters who hold these tags can hunt in any open unit under the seasons established for the hunt area, with the exception of Unit 11. Proceeds of these special tags are dedicated to bighorn sheep management and disease investigations.

To hunt bighorn sheep in Idaho you need to:

  • buy an Idaho hunting license
  • apply for a controlled hunt between April 1-30.

Your refund or tag will be mailed to you by June 10, however it is your responsibility to verify if you were successful in the drawing.