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Grouse - Hunting Information

Hunters can pursue three species of forest grouse – dusky, ruffed, and spruce and two species of prairie grouse – Columbian sharp-tailed and sage-grouse – all native to Idaho. Forest grouse hunting opportunities exist across the state, while Columbian sharp-tailed and sage-grouse hunting is limited to certain areas only.

The Columbian sharp-tailed grouse season runs the month of October in eastern Idaho. The best hunting is typically in or near fields enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program. Land enrolled in the Access Yes! program in Cassia, Power, and Oneida counties provide ample access to hunting areas.

While sage-grouse are widely distributed in areas with large blocks of sagebrush, the hunting season is generally very short and opportunities are limited to areas of southern Idaho.

Young Spruce Grouse
Last Updated: August 12, 2015 
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