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Idaho Fish and Game

Mountain Goat snowy treeline from above / Photo by Tom Schrempp

Mountain Goat Hunting

To hunt mountain goats in Idaho, you need to apply for a controlled hunt tag.

High in the lofty peaks of Idaho’s mountains resides one of the state’s most unnoticed big game trophy species, the Rocky Mountain Goat.  It takes a fit hunter to scramble after these elusive animals that can thrive at elevations of 8,000 -10,000 feet.

Mountain goats can be found in North Idaho, the White Cloud Mountains of central Idaho, and the far southeast corner of the state.

To hunt mountain goats in Idaho you need to:

  • buy an Idaho hunting license
  • apply for a controlled hunt between April 1-30

Your refund or tag will be mailed to you by June 10, however it is your responsibility to verify if you were successful in the drawing.

Mountain Goat Gender Identification

It is difficult to distinguish between male and female mountain goats. Hunters are strongly encouraged to select a male (billy) for harvest because excessive harvest of nannies over time can lead to reductions in productivity and herd size, which in turn limits permit levels.

How to properly identify nannies and billies