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Idaho Fish and Game

String of pronghorn antelope on ridgeline / Photo by Glenn Oakley

Pronghorn Hunting

Pronghorn Hunting in Idaho

Once you spot them in the distance, the challenge to hunting pronghorn is stalking an extremely wary animal known for its excellent vision in wide-open country.  To crawl belly down thru grass and sage brush after Idaho’s pronghorn, you first need to enter and draw a controlled hunt tag.  Idaho offers a variety of pronghorn tags for either sex, doe or fawn, archery, muzzle loader, short range weapon and youth hunts.

Pronghorn are considered to be the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, built for maximum speed to run from ancient predators that no longer exist.  Reduced to 13,000 animals at the turn of the century, many feared pronghorn would go extinct. Sportsman groups and federal agencies collaborated to restore healthy and huntable herds in the West. 

To hunt pronghorn in Idaho you need to:

  • buy an Idaho hunting license
  • apply for a controlled hunt between May 1 to June 5
  • purchase your tag before August 1

If you don’t draw, try again in a second controlled hunt application period between August 5 thru 15.