Fishing Seasons and Rules

Seasons and rules for fishing in Idaho, including salmon and steelhead

2016 - 2018 Fishing Seasons and Rules

Steelhead anglers. A bag limit reduction is in effect. The printed brochures and PDF below do not reflect the changes.

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 – Full booklet, pages 1-64, [PDF, 5.8 MB] – Third Edition

  Notice: Fees and rules may change. It is your responsibility to be aware of changes since these seasons and rules were printed. Please see the fee schedules in the License, Tag and Permit Fees section for current prices.


Other Rules Information


Current fishing seasons and rules booklet
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The Rules Brochures

Online rules brochures are created in PDF file format. They are produced to keep the online display as close as possible to the printed version.

Printed copies of the rules brochure can be picked up, without charge, at local license vendors or by calling 208-334-3700 to receive a copy by mail.

To view Idaho Fish and Game administrative rules and code, visit the Office of Administrative Rules on the Idaho Department of Administration website.

To advertise in future Idaho Fish and Game rules brochures, call: Rotary Offset Press: 1-253-216-1256.