Press Release

Press Releases

  • Idaho Fish & Game to Conduct Antelope Surveys

    The Idaho Department of Fish & Game will begin antelope surveys in the Little Lost Valley north of Howe this week. The surveys, using a helicopter, will last 3 days and overlap the first couple of days of the archery antelope season that begins on August 15th.
  • Grizzly Committee to Meet August 23

    The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Delisting Advisory Team will hold its first meeting Thursday, August 23, at the Ameritel Inn in Ammon, Idaho. The meeting is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The team will have a facilitated meeting and the public is welcome to attend and observe the proceedings.
  • Blockbuster Steelhead Run Heads for Idaho

    The 2001-2002 steelhead run is charging toward Idaho rivers early and big.
  • Waterfowl Seasons Altered Only Slightly

    Idaho waterfowl hunters will have about the same season and rules as last year but there will be no canvasback shooting this year.
  • Motorized Decoys Legal in Idaho

    Motorized waterfowl decoys will continue to be allowed in Idaho.
  • Commission to Meet in Pocatello in October

    Meeting in Driggs August 9, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission agreed to move its October meeting from Preston to Pocatello. The move followed a decision to add a day to the meeting, making Saturday, September 29, a travel day and Sunday a workshop for big game issues.
  • Fish & Game Keeping A Close Eye On Potential Of Avian Botulism Outbreak

    ROBERTS - Soaring temperatures are a sure sign we've entered the dog days of summer, but they are also sign that wildlife managers need to keep a close eye on waterfowl for outbreaks of avian botulism.
  • IDFG To Host Workshop For Women

    IDAHO FALLS - No matter how liberated we pretend to be, most of us automatically associate hunting and outdoors with being guy things; but the times are changing and IDFG is working to help women become more comfortable in the outdoors and with hunting.
  • Quota on Boise River "B" Elk Tags Removed

    Meeting in Driggs Thursday, August 9, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted to remove the quota on Boise River Zone "B" elk tags.
  • IDFG Hosts 2nd Round Of Scoping Meetings

    IDAHO FALLS - Last May, IDFG held a series of public open houses to help collect ideas from anglers about proposed changes for the next set of biennial fishing regulations.
  • Steelhead Run Could Be Memorable

    If you see a rain dance in progress, chances are the dancers are steelhead anglers.
  • Ask Fish and Game

    Q: I want to trade my elk tag for one in a different zone. Is that possible?
  • Elk Tag Sales Delayed to August 8, 11

    Sales of bull elk tags (B-tags) in the Boise River, Lolo, Selway, and Middle Fork (A & B) elk hunting zones were suspended Wednesday morning (Aug. 1) when the sudden flood of buying choked the licensing system computers used by Fish and Game offices and private vendors.
  • Feds OK 38-day Canvasback Hunt

    Idaho waterfowlers might have a chance to take a few canvasback this fall after all.
  • Fish Salvage Declared For Big Lost River Below Blaine Diversion

    Effective Tuesday, July 31, 2001, a public fish salvage has been declared for the Big Lost River below the Blaine diversion in Butte County.
  • Crane Hunt Look-up

    Hunters who applied for controlled hunts for sandhill cranes and early Canada goose can see whether or not they drew by looking results up on the Fish and Game Internet site.
  • Teachers Take More WILD Knowledge Back to School

    Teachers from all across Idaho will be taking more advanced knowledge of Idaho's wildlife with them when they return to the classroom this fall.
  • Bighorn Tag Lottery Nets Disease Research Dollars

    Contact: Dale Toweill, Trophy Species Manager, (208) 334-2920