BCR Range Rules

Like all established ranges, BCR has adopted a few rules that all range visitors must follow. These rules are in place to enhance your shooting experience while maintaining safe shooting conditions for everyone.

Here's what you need to know when you arrive at BCR: 

1. Upon arrival, drive down the hill, cross Ten-mile Creek and check in with the Range Officer at the main range. Bring all ammunition into the office to be inspected by range personnel.
2. Once you've checked in and paid any fees, unload your shooting gear. Firearms must be cased upon arrival and can only be uncased at the firing line while the range is hot, with the muzzle pointed down range. 
3. No alcoholic beverages, intoxicated persons, unattended/unruly children or pets are permitted on the range.
4. Ear protection must be worn within 25 feet of the firing line.
5. Eye protection must be worn on the firing line.
6. Smoking or vaping is not permitted within 10 feet of the firing line.
7. Because of the concrete floors, firearm muzzles must be pointed downrange or in the air at all times.
8. All loading of firearms must be done at the firing line
9. When the range is cold, firearms must remain unloaded with actions open or chamber flags inserted.
10. All work on firearms must be done at the firing line and only when the range is hot.
11. Notify the Range Officer if you have a malfunction.
12. Unload firearms before removing them from the firing line.
13. Clean your shooting area when finished shooting. Be sure to pick up all brass casings in/around your bench area.
14. No fully automatic rifles or pistols or those having devices that allow full auto operation are allowed at the range.
15. Shotgun patterning is allowed. Check with range personnel for a shotgun target.
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