First Time Visitors

Visiting an established shooting range can be an intimidating prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. New and veteran shooters are all welcome at Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range. As with any established range, there are a few rules in place at BCR, all of which are designed to enhance your shooting experience while maintaining safe shooting conditions for everyone.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some of these details before your range visit, paying particular attention to the BCR Rules section, which outlines in detail the range rules that all BCR visitors must follow.

Also take a few minutes to watch the What to Expect at Black's Creek Range video.

If BCR is your destination for the first time, your first stop should be the BCR range office. Upon arrival, drive down the hill, cross Black’s Creek and look for the gray building located at the middle of the main range. Check in here with the Range Officer. Remember that if the range is “hot” (in use) when you arrive, put on your ear protection as you leave your vehicle.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range!

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