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Idaho Fish and Game

Nonresident Refund Information

Nonresident hunters may receive a refund on a license and deer and elk tags in the event of an illness or injury, military deployment, or death. No refunds will be made on resident licenses, tags, or permits. 

Review Idaho's Nonresident Refund Rule

Idaho Administrative Code:  Refund Rule

The fee for any nonresident license (as defined in Section 36202(aa), Idaho Code) shall not be refunded for any reason except as follows.

a. Nonresident general season deer or elk tag fees and prerequisite hunting license fee and controlled hunt deer and elk tag fees may be refunded for 

  • death of licensee; 
  • illness or injury of licensee which totally disabled the licensee for the entire length of any applicable hunting season;
  • or military deployment of licensee due to an armed conflict. 
  • Refund must be substantiated by death certificate, published obituary, written justification by a licensed medical doctor, copy of military orders, or other similar substantiating documents. 

The hunting license fee will not be refunded if it was used to apply for any controlled hunt or to purchase a turkey, mountain lion, or bear tag. 

The amount refunded will be the amount of the applicable deer or elk tag and hunting license less all issuance fees and a fifty dollar ($50) processing fee.

The refund request must be postmarked on or before December 31 of the calendar year in which the license and tags were valid. (63019)T 

b. Nonresident general season and controlled hunt deer or elk tag fees may be partially refunded for any reason other than death of the licensee; illness or injury of licensee that totally disables the licensee for the entire length of all applicable seasons; or military deployment of licensee due to an armed conflict. The request for the refund must be postmarked in the year in which the tag is valid.

The hunting license fee will not be refunded. The refund will be based on the following sliding scale as a percent of the deer or elk tag fee.

Postmarked Percent of Fee Refunded
Before April 1 75%
In April through June 50%
In July and August 25%
September through December 0%

c. The Department determines that a Department employee made an error in the issuance of the license.

d. All refund requests must be in writing and be accompanied with the original copy of the license or tag.


Q: How do I receive a refund?

A: First, review the refund rule above, then complete the Refund Request form. Once we receive your request, it goes through administrative review. Make sure the form is complete and that you return all licenses and tags so there is no delay in the review process. 

You will receive a written response in about four weeks from the date we receive your request.

Q: How do I receive a refund for an illness or injury, death, or military deployment?

A: Nonresident hunting licenses and tags may be refunded less issuance fees and a $50 processing fee, in the event of:

  • Illness or injury that disables a license holder for the entire applicable hunting season. 
  • Military deployment of license holder due to armed conflict.
  • Death of the license holder’s parent, spouse or child.

Tags and license must be returned with proof (death certificate, obituary, written justification by a licensed medical doctor, or copy of military orders). Hunting license fees will not be refunded after the license is used to apply for a controlled hunt or to buy a turkey, mountain lion, bear or gray wolf tag. The request must be postmarked by December 31 of the year in which the license was valid, except for an “event of death” refund, which must be submitted within 1 year of the death. 

A controlled hunt permit and tag may be made available in the same hunt for purchase by an immediate family member of a person who died before using his or her tag, and whose family had the fees refunded. Contact our Licensing office at (208) 334-2592. 

Q: Can I receive a refund for any other reason?

A: If a refund is requested for any other reason, only the tag fees (not license fees) may be refunded at the following sliding scale rate: 

  • Postmarked before April 1 – 75 percent refund 
  • Postmarked April 1 through June 30 – 50 percent refund 
  • Postmarked July 1 through August 31 – 25 percent refund 
  • Postmarked September 1 through December 31 – No refund 

Q: If my refund is approved, how will I receive it?

A: Refunds for purchases made online or over the phone are credited back to the card used to make the purchase. Refunds for purchases made in a store or at an Fish and Game office come as a state warrant (check) mailed to you.