Supplemental brochure to the Idaho Big Game 2023 Seasons & Rules

This supplemental brochure to the Idaho Big Game 2023 Seasons & Rules includes nonresident tag limits and outfitter allocation. Outfitter allocation for controlled hunts are published in the Idaho Big Game 2022 Seasons & Rules, and both outfitter allocation and nonresident limits for capped elk zones and are included in this supplemental brochure.

Nonresident tag limits published here were set using the previous year’s (2022) seasons and rules. Big game seasons for 2023 will be set by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission in March 2023. The Fish and Game Commission retains emergency authority to modify or eliminate hunts within the season-setting cycle. Nonresident tag limits may change for the 2023 season in response to the 2023 season setting process.
Please verify that your hunt has not been changed or eliminated when the Idaho Big Game 2023 Seasons and Rules brochure is published in April 2023.


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