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Family fishing waters provide great places for family adventure

Looking for a fun family-friendly activity close to home? Give fishing a try.

“There’s plenty of great fishing action close to home,” says Doug Megargle, fisheries manager with Fish and Game based in Jerome. “Family fishing waters are full of fish, so now’s a perfect time to get out and create some lasting memories.”

Family Fishing waters are choice fishing spots geared toward families and the likelihood of catching fish. Most are easy to reach, stocked with trout, and accessible by anglers of all ages.

“If you’re looking for a fun, quick fishing trip for the entire family, you can’t beat them,” said Megargle.

Here's a link to more information about Family Fishing Waters near you.

Fish and Game’s “Take Me Fishing” trailers are also a great resource. During the spring and early summer, the trailers are set up at easy to reach fishing ponds across the state and offer basic fishing equipment that can be checked-out for free and knowledgeable staff ready to help kids and parents start fishing. Plus, anyone who signs-up at the trailer does not need a fishing license to fish during the event. Here's a schedule of events in your area.

Before heading out for a day, be sure to review the fishing seasons and rules brochure for the water you have chosen for the day. Seasons and rules brochures are available at license vendors, Fish and Game offices and here's the digital version of the rules booklet.