What's new in 2018 - licenses, fees and applications

Hunters and anglers, you will see several license-related changes in 2018 that may affect what you pay and how you buy licenses, tags and permits.

Residents - Price Lock and the 3-Year License

In 2017, Idaho Fish and Game provided residents a chance to lock in prices before a fee increase took effect January 1. More than 400,000 hunters and anglers locked in the cost of their annual license, tags and permits by having a valid license in 2017.

If you are an Idaho resident and did not buy an annual hunting, fishing or trapping license in 2017, you can purchase a 3-year license now and lock in 2017 prices for license, tags and permits until 2020.

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Access / Depredation Fee

The Access / Depredation fee is an annual fee that applies to everyone – residents and nonresidents – when buying the first annual license of the year.

Resident adults pay $5; nonresident adults pay $10. This fee only applies once a year.

The Access / Depredation fees go to improve public access for hunters, anglers and trappers, and to pay for wildlife damage to private property.

Learn more about the Access / Depredation Fee


Controlled Hunt Application Fee Hike for Moose, Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat

Application fees for controlled hunts for moose, sheep and goat increased to $16.75 for residents and $41.75 for nonresidents.

  • 2018 application fees for all other species remain the same as 2017
  • Application fees are nonrefundable
  • Controlled hunt application fees are not part of Price Lock

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Buying Online – New Look. New Steps.

Idaho Fish and Game has a new license system for all sales outlets – online and vendors.

If you buy your license, tags and permits online, expect a new look and steps to the process.

  • You will need to create a new user ID and password.
  • If you run into challenges, please call 1-800-554-8685.

We are working on a seamless rollout of the new license system. Because it is new, we are also preparing for the unknown and unexpected. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

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