Price Lock

Do you want to save money and support fishing and hunting opportunities at the same time? Then you need to know about Price Lock - a one-time opportunity to save money on your licenses, tags, and permits.

Buy now and save!

Price Locking your resident license fee is easy - just buy a 2017 annual license and your price for all licenses, tags, and permits is locked in for 2018. Keep buying any annual license each year and your price for any license, tag, and permit won't increase through at least 2022.

Who pays the higher fees?

Resident license buyers who don't buy an annual license in 2017 or who buy in 2017, and then skip a year, will pay 20% more for all licenses, tags, and permits the next time they buy.

How long do I have to get Price Locked?

Buy any annual 2017 hunting, fishing, or trapping license and you are automatically "locked in" at current prices for 2018. You must continue to buy every year in order to stay Price Locked and keep paying less. Price Lock will be in place at least through 2022.

What happens after 5 years?

The Idaho Legislature and the Fish and Game Commission will review Price Lock and decide whether it should continue. By Price Locking your license, it is like getting the fifth year of hunting and trapping for free!

Price Lock benefits wildlife too!

By Price Locking your license, tag, and permit fees, you are keeping your costs to fish, hunt and trap among the lowest in the West, and you are also providing consistent funding for wildlife conservation, management, and enforcement. In short, you're investing in Idaho's fish and wildlife - making sure it is there next time you go afield.



License vendor screen / Photo by Vicky Osborn
Creative Commons Licence
Vicky Osborn for IDFG

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