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Idaho Fish and Game

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Access / Depredation Fee

Starting May 1, 2017, all resident and nonresident annual license buyers will pay a new fee called the Access / Depredation fee.

One fee, many uses

Idaho Fish and Game's new Access / Depredation Fee improves hunting and fishing access and provides more resources to manage big game and depredation impacts.

How Access / Depredation Fee will apply to annual licenses

License TypeFee
Resident adults$5
Resident junior, senior, DAV, military furlough$2
Nonresident adults$10
Nonresident junior and nonresident DAV$4

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recognizes that managing for abundant big game herds comes with responsibility to manage impacts those herds cause to privately owned farms and ranches.

The Commission also recognizes a need to bolster programs for public access to private lands from willing landowners in response to changing patterns in Idaho land ownership and traditional access.

How Fish and Game will use the revenue generated by the Access / Depredation Fee

(estimated $2 million annually)

  • $1 million to improve access to private land from willing landowners for hunting and fishing
  • $500,000 more funding to compensate landowners for crop damages caused by big game animals, up to $2.5 million annually based on available cash balance
  • $500,000 more funding to prevent crop damage from big game herds


How does the Access / Depredation Fee affect Fish and Game's Price Lock?

Beginning May 1, 2017, all license buyers will pay the Access / Depredation Fee prior to purchasing their first annual license of the year and that does not change under Price Lock.


License vendor screen / Photo by Vicky Osborn 

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