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Idaho Fish and Game

Summer 2023 Learn-to-Hunt-and-Fish day camps in the Panhandle Region


Learn-to-Hunt-and-Fish day camps offer the chance to get hunter education certified and learn many of the hunting and fishing basics from the pros

If hands-on learning is your thing, look no further than our Learn-to-Hunt-and-Fish day camps in the Panhandle Region! Not only do participants leave hunter education certified, but they also leave with more specialized hunting and fishing know-how compared to a standard hunter education class.

During summer 2022, staff from the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Regional office hosted these camps at the Farragut Shooting Range Center. The classes were full within a few days of being posted online, and participants raved about their experience.

Students learning archery basics.

What you can expect

Participants will be taught a variety of skills from seasoned pros. Beyond receiving a hunter education certificate, participants will have the opportunity to participate in live fire activities with modern bowhunting equipment and firearms (.22 caliber rifles, 20 gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders) under the instruction and supervision of NRA certified instructors. 

Student learning shooting basics.

They’ll also learn basic outdoor survival skills in group survival scenarios, practice game tracking, discover the science behind setting hunting seasons, try their hand at some primitive hunting skills, become “bear aware” and more!

Similar to last year’s camps, the last day of camp will be focused on learning the nuts and bolts of fishing.

Who can participate

These day camps are for students ages 10 to 15 who have not yet received their hunter education certificate, but desire to do so.  If you are already a hunter education graduate, this class is not for you. But if that’s you, don’t despair, as there are plenty of opportunities to participate in our new hunting and shooting sports skills classes – for example, Successful Shotgunning coming up on March 25.

Important details

There will be two Learn-to-Hunt-and-Fish day camps offered this summer.  Dates and links to register are listed below.

June 13-16:

August 8-11:

Registration is open now, so don’t wait! Camps last summer filled within three days of being posted. You will be contacted with additional details before the camp begins.

The cost for the class is a mere $9.75 for four days of personalized instruction and mentoring from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.  What a deal!

Please contact the Panhandle Regional office at (208) 769-1414 and ask for Hunter Education Coordinator, Wendy Koons, if you have any questions about the day camps.

If you have questions about hunter, bowhunter, combination or trapper education, please contact your local Fish and Game regional office, or you can visit this link to review class offerings and get signed up for classes throughout the state.

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